Does being a baby mother mean commitment???!

In this present day and age,  the mentality of this generation of having a baby before marriage is truly absurd to me and such a “ghetto mentality”. Some women believe that having a man’s child means that you’ll always be his. Well NEWSFLASH, that is NOT THE CASE. Yes, the man might claim he “loves” you but the fact that there isn’t a ring on your finger, still leaves room for him to be with other women.

On the contrary, a relationship should start from friendship, then gradually to being a couple, next to really knowing and appreciating one another (flaws and all), on to falling in love, then to him on one bended knee hoping you say YES, then a fabulous wedding and then starting a family together.  

Moreover, the traditional ways have diminished. More and more women are settling on just being the baby’s mother to her non-committing partner; then you wonder why you’re having “baby mama drama,” arguing over child support money.

So when you see that he isn’t planning on committing soon, trapping him with a baby is not the solution. The point is you don’t have to settle because you can definitely do better. Treat yourself with R-E-S-P-E-C-T and others will.

“When you know better, you do better.”



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