’tis the season

It’s Nov 25th and yet, it doesn’t feel like the Holidays. Thanksgiving is around the corner and as a college student, I’m very excited to get a break from school. Looking forward to eating every food that man ever created as well as spending time with family that I haven’t seen in ages.  Ofcourse, the following day I’m in the mirror thinking I’m so fat but who cares, you gotta continue to love yourself right? Then after Thanksgiving, most college kids can’t wait to return back to school where parents aren’t telling them what to do.
Going back home is nice for making some money at my back-at-home job and seeing all my old co-workers I kind of miss but don’t like. Hey, money is the motive. You just have to bare with those bosses you can’t stand because they do sign your checks.
Then comes Black Friday, which isn’t really holiday but gives Americans the chance to spend all the money they’ve saved through out the years on toys and equipment that requires standing in lines on cold freezing early mornings.
Next comes my birthday, which is Dec 14th by the way. I don’t age but I will have gained extra wisdom in this thing we call life. A little side note, SAGITTARIUS is THE zodiac sign and then there are the others! (Just thought I’ll mention that).
The day of The Lord which is Christmas then comes next. Christmas commercials already began right after Halloween, which ruins the whole spirit of the holidays when Christmas actually comes because by then, we’ve already gotten tired of hearing “Silent Night,” or “This Christmas.” etc Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but I loved it more when I was younger. Those good Ole days when I believed Santa was magical. On the other hand I do get to receive gifts from lovely people and let’s not forget those extra holiday bonuses from work.
Next comes New Years when people look for nice extravagant venues to drink up Champagne and to make up stupid New Years Resolutions that they never eventually make happen!

At the end of the day, I’m just very grateful to God, who has enabled me to make it through all these holidays and continues to allow me to see new days, making new memories.


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