Thank Goodness It’s Friday

FRIDAY, just could not get here any faster! It seemed like the week had been going on forever; with so much activities, homework, meetings, projects and exams all comprised in 5 days. Barely getting enough sleep, forgetting to eat sometimes because you are just too busy.

Here are some mini tips to unwind:

1. Drop everything for 30 mins: Don’t think about your school work, leave your phone on silent and just take a deep breath. Enjoy your own company for once.

2. Go to your comfort zone: That could be your room. Sit and just relax. Listen to music, catch up on your tv shows. Laugh.

3. Shop: If retail therapy relaxes you, then be my guest. Treat yourself to something nice. Just be sure to be smart with how you spend money.

4. Have a nice meal: Cook for yourself or your roommates and friends with a nice glass of wine. Catch up on the latest news from your guests.

5. Make sure to get a good nights rest.  


Moe 🙂


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