ASOS hearts NIU….

I love being an ASOS Brand Ambassador for the Youth Marketing Connection, because with this job title I have learned so much such as:

– I’ve learned from my bosses on how to market the UK brand to those around me
-Having ASOS events on campus has helped bring the community together
– It has enabled me to find ways to get students interested in shopping on the website
-Meeting new students by approaching them (Speaking, taking pictures of those well-dressed, and rewarding students with FREE ASOS products)
-I have learned more about maintaining a presence on social medias.
-I enjoy working with my other fellow ASOS Ambassadors and learning from them. (S/O to Rebecca Johnson and Tre Ward)
-I get rewarded from ASOS, being able to make my closet more FAB
-I get showered with gifts from asos, when a great job is done
-I have been able to connect with other ASOS Ambassadors all over the United States via social networks
-I have been able to multiply my clothes and up-ed my dress game



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