I am a Northern Television Center News Reporter


Being a Northern Television Center News Reporter, is just one of the many hats that I wear.Doing this includes a lot of time and energy, but it does have benefits that I have learned to take advantage of. For example, I’ve had the pleasure to interview the Mayor of DeKalb plenty of times and he has become a great contact for information. I’ve also gotten to be in the presence of the Governor of Illinois Pat Quinn as well as the NIU President Doug Baker.


Interviewing and filming important stakeholders in the community may sound very interesting, but it does require so much work that i wasn’t mentally prepared for when i signed up for the class. (Actually, the class was a necessity to graduate, sigh). I have to research and prepare interview question for the person; I also have to call and hunt down this person just to get them to talk to me for less than 10 minutes; then i have to drive to the place and hope they are in a good mood to want to speak to a reporter with a big camera and tripod set up in front of them.

Carrying a big bag with a camera that weighs more than me all up and down the school campus and DeKalb County is no joke. I do enjoy shooting things for news packages and being able to see my package debut on the news is an amazing feeling,


I am really blessed to acquire the skills of editing, broad-casting, campaigning, blogging, and operating cameras amongst other journalistic skills. I, Omobola Ogunmodede possess a lot of qualities that I never thought would be fun for me to learn.



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