Album I Recommend….

YBNL’s very own Olamide aka Baddooo, has just dropped his album #StreetOT , Nov 14th. You have to give the album a listen as he raps in Yoruba, English and some Pigeon (street slang talk).

I chose to listen to the album because I love the way he creates music with his distinctive ways. Also, his singles were hot and on point. Trust me, when you hear “Story for the gods,” and “Goons Mi,” you’ll see how musically talented this man is.
I even took to Twitter to mention him that my favorite new turn up song was “Up in the Club.” – You have to know I was super excited that my favorite Nigerian artist mentioned me back on Twitter.


Sooo excited I snap chatted it too ( don’t judge me) lol . Personally, there were some songs I liked a lot and some I had to just skip.
I totally recommend this album. You just have to unleash your raz side, enjoy the street life tone and most importantly have your old school grandparent by your side to translate Olamide’s strong Yoruba.

Album is in stores now!

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Also, Follow Olamide’s Twitter @olamide_YBNL for more of his tweets.

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