Natural Hair, Does It Appeal To Your Man!!?

I’m not sure if you know or remember, but I’ve gradually transitioned into #TeamNatural , and I’ve been natural for a year and a half now. On my part, it was an easy decision to make because I was in college and I didn’t allow anyone to perm my hair besides my mother. As time went on, not applying that hair crack to my hair, I didn’t realize I was slowly becoming natural.

After I made my decision to fully convert, my friends (the Nigerian ones) were like, “girl are you sure, because I don’t think your man would want to see that tough hair struggle!” They went on and on about how if their men saw them with that Stage 1 natural hair, he would probably not find them attractive without the weave. (This was a battle conversation)

For a while I struggled to figure out how to tame all this new hair growth, but as time progressed I began to fully embrace this new journey, thanks to blogs and YouTube videos. I mean I was in the mirror snip snip here, snip snip there just having fun removing those stringy permed ends.

As I embraced my new look and accepted this evolving me, I didn’t care what permed-haired people thought, they could keep their stringy opinions to themselves.

I’m stubborn, so I actually rocked my natural on Valentine’s Day. In my mind thinking like “yea he better not say something crazy, or he’s getting kicked to the curb.” (LOL) However, my boyfriend David saw me for the first time without my Brazilian wavy weave and he smiled and said that I looked Beautiful and he actually preferred this.

The point is, when you embrace and accept who you are, no one can knock you down.


5 thoughts on “Natural Hair, Does It Appeal To Your Man!!?

  1. I’m new to the game too, so have to work on loving natural me. Lol at your nigerian friends trying to discourage you, they were the very same ones who commented most on my decision. But being 9ja, I’m used to my ppl offering up their comments whether or not it’s wanted, lol🙈

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