Mayo & Egg Treatment

Hello loves, *waves* hope you all are doing wonderful because I am. I’ve been experimenting with products as well as natural moisturizers. I always hear about people mixing mayonnaise and eggs together and then putting it in their hair as a deep conditioner. I personally just thought that sounds ridiculous and was very skeptical, until i tried it myself.

1. Mayonnaise contain oils, and the eggs contain proteins that can deeply moisturize your hair, either natural or chemically processed hair.

2. The mixture coats your hair adding luster and softness, protecting it from thinning and heat styling.

3. it keeps the natural oils intact, making your hair easy to comb as well as locking in moisture.

I added 5 teaspoons of mayonnaise with 2 eggs, whisking them together


Next, i dipped my hand into the mixture and applied it to my hair that was sectioned into four, until all of my hair was completely coated. I then massaged my scalp to stimulate growth.

Then, i put a shower cap to encourage heat and left the mixture on for 30 minutes. Afterwards, I rinsed out the mask and OMG, my hair was so soft and I could run my fingers through.

I so encourage everyone to try this treatment.


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