Birthday Edition: Dinner on the 95th Floor; Graduation; Wedding Guest.

December 14th is long gone but I’m still reminiscing about all my events that occurred bringing my birthday in. Sharing the birthday month with great people in my life. The last weekend was clubbing at The Hard Rock Hotel, Sagittarius season with great friends.

Next: We dined at The Signature Room on the 95th floor (update dinner) on 875 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611. The view was magnificent overlooking the lighted Windy City but the elevator ride was just like being on an airplane, your ears popped while going all the way up.

However, the line getting into the restaurant was so long but thanks to making reservations, you just pass by VIP style.

My meal was delicious and so was my date’s.

The lamb was just the right temperature cooked and the mashed potatoes must have been the best buttery potatoes I’ve ever had.

Being the birthday girl, I was surprised by a candle lit chocolate mousse cake decorated with raspberry and lemon sauce written my name with.


I was really surprised and everyone in the restaurant clapped I was sang to. The line to the bar was ridiculously long and the red sandal heels I wore was not meant for standing.
Again did I mention how magnificent that view was from the John Hancock building!!!!?
I recommend visitors and tourists to check The Signature Room american restaurant out, it’s pricey but the experience is worth it.

Afterwards we proceeded to the next nightlife to bring my birthday in. My birthday celebration was a 5-day event and I was very fortunate to have close friends and family in my life.







Also on Dec 14th: Birthday Edition
My beloved roommate and S.I.S.T.E.R. Ngozi graduated from the Northern Illinois University. As an alumni I had to make a presence





Last event of my birthday: Traditional Igbo Wedding #FrancisandUgochi. I was my boyfriend’s plus one and we shared a fabric to make outfits out of. The traditional wedding was fun and exciting. The food, dance performances and experiencing the Igbo culture was amazing.







Birthday Edition: Wine Tasting Experience

Wine Tasting Location: Lynfred’s Winery
15 S Roselle Rd, Roselle IL.

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup.” -Paulo Coelho

Just a day before my birthday on Dec 13th, I decided to gather some friends up in the Schaumburg, IL area to celebrate my pre-birthday.
As I’m aging gracefully, I thought it would be a great idea to try something new and sophisticated.
Wine tasting was a nice choice and something I’ve never done before. The tasting occurred at Lynfred’s Winery, and the drive was just 15 minutes away from my house.

I had read lots of positive reviews about the place and it was definitely a great experience. The cost was very affordable (below $15), which I didn’t expect and we had the December Menu due to the holidays.
The December Menu Consisted of:

We chose the Premium Choice which consisted of tasting 7 glasses of wine. We had the choice to choose 3 whites, 3 reds and 1 fruity wine OR you could have 7 glasses of one of the wines if you pleased. My friends Carina, Erica and I were having so much fun that by our 3rd glass of wine, which was the Sangiovese, we were already feeling a little buzzed!! The wines were so delicious but my favorites were the Reds especially the Mango!!

By the 5th glass, which was the Pinot Grigio, we ordered a flatbread and that was delicious as well and oh, excellent customer service. My friends and I were the youngest little adults in the winery.

The last glass was the Sparkling Cherry wine and by then we had become friends with the tipsy group of girls sitting next to us!! The vibe of the winery was so positive and mature, I mean customers were coming in to purchase big bottles of wine for the holidays.

This experience was so nice that I vowed I would go back there. I really recommend going wine tasting, try something new that you wouldn’t try on the regular. It was a great start to my birthday weekend!!





It’s Moeeee Day!!


Caught my birthday on the clock!! Thanking God for allowing me to witness another year.

https://twitter.com/SweetnViciouss/status/411862410849288192It's Moeeee Day!!