Vacationing in Puerto Rico 

Oh My Gawd!! Where do I start about my mini vacation in Puerto Rico!!! It was one of the best vacation i’ve had in a while and I was happy to share the experience with 4 of my close college friends and 2 other ladies! The excitement didn’t hit me until about the day of heading to O’hare airport.

Check in was successful, well semi-successful because my dumb self forgot to put my 12 Oz Cetaphil lotion in my suitcase, TSA threw it in the garbage. 

We boarded the plane from Chicago to Our lay over North Carolina, and then from North Carolina to San Juan. The plane actually almost left us behind, because we stopped to grab some Margharitas at a restaurant in the airport, we had to run to our gate and when we boarded the pilot felt the need to announce that I and my 5 friends “finally decided to join them on the plane” and everyone started to clap, it was slightly embarrassing and funny as well. 

We got to the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport and it was beautiful, filled with people from all over the world and some trying to grab their luggage a at the baggage claim. Taxi only cost us $28 dollars and that was $5 each with tip included. Our taxi driver Ricardo, was hilarious and turned out to be our personal Uber tour guide driver for the next couple of days. 

Ricardo drove us to our hotel, The Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel with our ocean balcony view. It was beautiful. There were so much experienced, this blog could be an essay. Let me just say I loved every minute of San Juan Puerto Rico. We visited La Placitas, Old San Juan, Jet Skiied on the Atlantic Ocean, Dirt Biked in the Carraballi Rainforest, Zip Lined at Toro Verde, the 3rd best place in the world, Clubbed twice at Club Brava etc Here are pictures to prove my great relaxed fun-filled vacation I took May 14-18th!   

Bottom line is: Travel more, Explore the world around you. Life is beautiful



Akon Supplies Electricity to 600 Million Africans

While everyone is speaking about Bruce\Caitlyn Jenner’s new appearance on Vanity Fair, some real news is actually happening. Akon, Mr Konvict himself, and founder of Lady Gaga has just launched Solar Academy to provide electricity to Africa. 

I once got deported back to Nigeria where electricity only lasts a couple of hours a day. Try watching your favorite TV show and while at the climax, BOOM, the TV turns off. Always had to have lanterns and candles ready as soon as the power goes off. Not an easy lifestyle to love. Here in the United States, we take electricity for granted. Akon is bringing so much good to Africa and it’s about to make a HUGE difference!!  http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7360372


Kylie Finally Confesses About Her “Lip Pout”- Like We Didn’t Know The Truth Already

http://m.eonline.com/shows/kardashians/news/654041/kylie-jenner-comes-clean-about-her-super-plump-pout-i-have-temporary-lip-fillers-see-her-confession -Via Eonline.com 

You know It’s crazy to me how African Americans use to get mocked for our melanin, body curves, nice voluptuous butt and fuller lips by other races. And now we see the next girl down the street and celebrities doing extreme measures to achieve the same looks we get made fun off. 

People are tanning or sun-bathing so much just to get a darker skin tone & don’t get me started on those butt injections that ladies get, making their butt perky and round but have two skinny legs attached to it *sigh.*

Kylie Jenner for example, finally admits to having temporary fillers to achieve the fuller lips (Link attached above).  Fans of hers have tried getting those plump lips by participating in the Kylie Jenner Challenge, which is where you suck in the air from a shot glass and sometimes has resulted in some damages (DO NOT TRY THIS).

Can you imagine all the diseases or body disporportions that can result from these temporary dangerous decisions of body manipulation. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with getting a little nip or tuck here and there, but I believe it should be for medical purposes only. Nothing seems natural anymore. 

Like J. Cole would say: “Love Yourself or Nobody Will.”

We have to teach our young ones to love themselves, appreciate what God has created and how they shouldn’t be easily influenced by what they see on the media.  Lord help us all!


My thoughts on Basket Ball Wives

Image This season of Basketball wives I bet has lost the audience’s interest, There are new characters to stir the pot of gossip, chaos and fake-ness, with mischievous Jackie Christie being the ultimate gossip friend of all times.

I can’t stand this show and mostly because these women seem to have a tiny bit of fame, money, beauty but they are just too messy! I definitely pray and hope that young ladies are not looking up to these women who have no life than to meddle into one another’s business.They try to out shine the other, judge the next chick but refuse to accept their own flaws.

I do not understand why the show continues to air, and quite honestly I tune in every once in a blue moon because i like Malaysia and Draya for different reasons. I am particularly impressed with the episode tonight, because Malaysia calls Jackie out and stands up for herself. It is sad that the Jackie Christie’s apostles, such as Sundy and British are still blind to old lady Jackie’s psycho ways. Let’s all hope their eyes open soon or worse, they might have to learn the hard way.



Today I purchased the Beyoncé surprise album from iTunes. It was an easy download, took a couple of minutes. The anticipation was killing me especially to hear Blue Ivy’s cute little voice on a record.

As I lay in my room with the lights dimmed and my Beats headphones to my ears & twirling my hair, I allowed myself to get lost into the voice of Beyoncé, taking me on a journey through the album. I’ve enjoyed a lot of the songs from the album, such as : Mine feat Drake, Drunk in Love feat Hubby Jay Z , Superpower feat Frank Ocean etc

The videos are so well planned out and it’s safe to say Baddie Bey still got it!!! Her body, the voice, the moves, she remains amazing!! The “Drunk in Love” video was such a simple concept and it worked for me!!! The “Yoncé” video was so fly and mad dope to me with the beautiful Victoria Secret model, Jourdan Dunn strutting her derrière. I was WOW’d to see Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams in the “Superpower” video with a reunion feel, kinda reminded me of the “Loose My Breath” video. * starts singing- Can you keep up, baby boy make me loose my breath* & my oh my Pharrell Williams just never ages!!! Don’t get me started on the “Rocket” video, a nice little wet t-shirt contest to keep the fellas gawking at their screens, rewinding and replaying.

Finally, I’m so glad that she finally made an official video for “Grown woman” incorporating African beats and dialects, just as she performed the song in Africa rocking that Ankara outfit.

Anyways, I really recommend people to take a listen to this album, fore Queen Bey has done it again flawlessly!!!



SCANDAL Season Finale

SCANDAL has kept us on our toes and has thrown us off balance all season long. Last night’s season finale didn’t fail its fans. Today, i’m definitely having a Scandal Hangover. Joe Morton who plays Rowan A.K.A. Olivia’s Father A.K.A. Papa Pope performed excellently as he tore President Fitz down with his words.
There are so many questions just running through my mind like: Is Quinn #TeamB613 or #TeamGladiators? Will Cyrus’ marriage survive the cheating and the lies? What would Rowan do regarding getting fired as THE COMMANDER? Will Mama Pope cause more damage as a terrorist? OMG! I can’t wait to see what happens next season as Olivia Pope has so much mysteries to solve. February 27th can’t come fast enough.