Akon Supplies Electricity to 600 Million Africans

While everyone is speaking about Bruce\Caitlyn Jenner’s new appearance on Vanity Fair, some real news is actually happening. Akon, Mr Konvict himself, and founder of Lady Gaga has just launched Solar Academy to provide electricity to Africa. 

I once got deported back to Nigeria where electricity only lasts a couple of hours a day. Try watching your favorite TV show and while at the climax, BOOM, the TV turns off. Always had to have lanterns and candles ready as soon as the power goes off. Not an easy lifestyle to love. Here in the United States, we take electricity for granted. Akon is bringing so much good to Africa and it’s about to make a HUGE difference!!  http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/7360372


Who Could It Be? Kanye or Not Kanye

Everyone knows Kanye isn’t a huge fan of the Paparazzi and they know that also. If this happens to be Papa North West, then he really did a great job knocking those fellas out. Can’t really take sides because we don’t know the cause of the situation, but danggg Kanye really put the “paws on em.”


No Love & Struggling Hip-Hop


Mona Scott Young’s TV Show, “Love & Hip-Hop” is a sad depiction of how women put up with womanizers. Stevie J and Peter Gunz are severely poor examples of how men should treat women. For example, Pete has two different baby mothers and a secret wife on the side, but yet one of the “main lady’ in his life has so much evidence of Pete cheating. Why does it seem like Guys have to mess up badly, for them to get it together and realize what they had?
Also. I can’t stand the mentality of “baby before marriage.” Women need to understand that you really don’t have to put up with his nonsense. This generation need prayers!!!!

Below is the link of Peter Gunz’s interview at the Breakfast Club