John Henrik Clarke Honor Society

On April 6th, I got inducted into the John Henrik Clarke Honor Society here at The Northern Illinois University. It was a great experience to be inducted into such a prestige African American Honor Society. Just want to thank God for blessing me with the brains to maintain a 3.0 and higher throughout my college years. I’m proud of my accomplishments!!! 



I have Senioritis! The first step is ADMITTING the problem.

First off, I’m a senior at Northern Illinois University, graduating May 2014. Woot! Woot! But before I get too excited, I need to pass these 5 classes i’m currently enrolled in

I major in Communications Media Studies and minor in Journalism Public Relations (try saying this every time someone asks you, “what are you studying,” it’s a mouthful. I’m taking my last 5 classes as an undergrad and they are all upper level classes; which means they require so much effort in and out of the class. Apparently, professors do not care that you have other classes, work and extra-curricular activities, naps, play time when they pile you up with homework and projects.

It seems like everyday I’m pulled in every direction, one thing right after another right after another. I barely have time to get 5 hours of sleep in, sometimes i’m so caught up I have to schedule in my lunch break. In the mean time, it’s getting hard to keep up with the new trends, social medias and even sometimes replying friends text messages/calls.

Oh! did i mention I also have to make time to work out at the rec at least 3-4 times a week? If you saw my daily schedule, you would think I was insane. 

At this point, complaining about my workload would just make me more frustrated so i’m just going to take it one day at a time. BUT, if you hear me scream or have a mental breakdown, it’ll eventually be worth it. Right?


Finals Week

FInals week! Who doesn’t enjoy studying all the crap you’ve learned from the beginning of the semester and then being tested about those crap? Finals calls for crunch time, lockdown at the library, with study groups or at the convenience of your own room. I personally enjoy studying at my apartment because going to the library means every classmate is there pretending to be studying. In reatilty, some are trying to be seen, and me going to the library actually means i have to dress up and look presentable. I enjoy the confort of my own home when studying and that below zero degree weather here in DeKalb does not inspire me to step my foot out the door.

Finals week hasn’t really been horrific for me because, i had projects instead of cumulative exams. The problem, however, is procrastinating those projects and leaving them to the end. I had to create a professional website, prepare a public relaitons plan and then present it to the class, also had to get ready for the unknown in my Graphics Communications class.

I’m very proud to say that I survived finals week without having an anxiety or feeling overwhelmed. Making a To Do List saved my life and kept me on track. But, those times of when your finals were to be taken actually screwed me up, i went to class thinking my final was at a cerain when it was actually scheduled for a different day. I TWEAK A LOT.

Right now i just continue to pray that the grading curves are on my side.