My thoughts on Basket Ball Wives

Image This season of Basketball wives I bet has lost the audience’s interest, There are new characters to stir the pot of gossip, chaos and fake-ness, with mischievous Jackie Christie being the ultimate gossip friend of all times.

I can’t stand this show and mostly because these women seem to have a tiny bit of fame, money, beauty but they are just too messy! I definitely pray and hope that young ladies are not looking up to these women who have no life than to meddle into one another’s business.They try to out shine the other, judge the next chick but refuse to accept their own flaws.

I do not understand why the show continues to air, and quite honestly I tune in every once in a blue moon because i like Malaysia and Draya for different reasons. I am particularly impressed with the episode tonight, because Malaysia calls Jackie out and stands up for herself. It is sad that the Jackie Christie’s apostles, such as Sundy and British are still blind to old lady Jackie’s psycho ways. Let’s all hope their eyes open soon or worse, they might have to learn the hard way.



SCANDAL Season Finale

SCANDAL has kept us on our toes and has thrown us off balance all season long. Last night’s season finale didn’t fail its fans. Today, i’m definitely having a Scandal Hangover. Joe Morton who plays Rowan A.K.A. Olivia’s Father A.K.A. Papa Pope performed excellently as he tore President Fitz down with his words.
There are so many questions just running through my mind like: Is Quinn #TeamB613 or #TeamGladiators? Will Cyrus’ marriage survive the cheating and the lies? What would Rowan do regarding getting fired as THE COMMANDER? Will Mama Pope cause more damage as a terrorist? OMG! I can’t wait to see what happens next season as Olivia Pope has so much mysteries to solve. February 27th can’t come fast enough.