Vacationing in Puerto Rico 

Oh My Gawd!! Where do I start about my mini vacation in Puerto Rico!!! It was one of the best vacation i’ve had in a while and I was happy to share the experience with 4 of my close college friends and 2 other ladies! The excitement didn’t hit me until about the day of heading to O’hare airport.

Check in was successful, well semi-successful because my dumb self forgot to put my 12 Oz Cetaphil lotion in my suitcase, TSA threw it in the garbage. 

We boarded the plane from Chicago to Our lay over North Carolina, and then from North Carolina to San Juan. The plane actually almost left us behind, because we stopped to grab some Margharitas at a restaurant in the airport, we had to run to our gate and when we boarded the pilot felt the need to announce that I and my 5 friends “finally decided to join them on the plane” and everyone started to clap, it was slightly embarrassing and funny as well. 

We got to the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport and it was beautiful, filled with people from all over the world and some trying to grab their luggage a at the baggage claim. Taxi only cost us $28 dollars and that was $5 each with tip included. Our taxi driver Ricardo, was hilarious and turned out to be our personal Uber tour guide driver for the next couple of days. 

Ricardo drove us to our hotel, The Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel with our ocean balcony view. It was beautiful. There were so much experienced, this blog could be an essay. Let me just say I loved every minute of San Juan Puerto Rico. We visited La Placitas, Old San Juan, Jet Skiied on the Atlantic Ocean, Dirt Biked in the Carraballi Rainforest, Zip Lined at Toro Verde, the 3rd best place in the world, Clubbed twice at Club Brava etc Here are pictures to prove my great relaxed fun-filled vacation I took May 14-18th!   

Bottom line is: Travel more, Explore the world around you. Life is beautiful



Box Braids

Remember my previous post, regarding protective hair styles? Well, I got my box braids done and they are gorgeous. My aunt did them for me (benefits of having a family member have a hair business) and she didn’t charge me the full price. Usually, box braids cost anywhere from $100-150. I used the X-Pression hair brand, color 2; Using 5 packs to completely do my entire head.

I really love them and I have some dark purple colors in my braids as well. I’m still getting used to this new look, creating new styles. They are also really long, coming down to my waist.




Birthday Edition: Wine Tasting Experience

Wine Tasting Location: Lynfred’s Winery
15 S Roselle Rd, Roselle IL.

“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup.” -Paulo Coelho

Just a day before my birthday on Dec 13th, I decided to gather some friends up in the Schaumburg, IL area to celebrate my pre-birthday.
As I’m aging gracefully, I thought it would be a great idea to try something new and sophisticated.
Wine tasting was a nice choice and something I’ve never done before. The tasting occurred at Lynfred’s Winery, and the drive was just 15 minutes away from my house.

I had read lots of positive reviews about the place and it was definitely a great experience. The cost was very affordable (below $15), which I didn’t expect and we had the December Menu due to the holidays.
The December Menu Consisted of:

We chose the Premium Choice which consisted of tasting 7 glasses of wine. We had the choice to choose 3 whites, 3 reds and 1 fruity wine OR you could have 7 glasses of one of the wines if you pleased. My friends Carina, Erica and I were having so much fun that by our 3rd glass of wine, which was the Sangiovese, we were already feeling a little buzzed!! The wines were so delicious but my favorites were the Reds especially the Mango!!

By the 5th glass, which was the Pinot Grigio, we ordered a flatbread and that was delicious as well and oh, excellent customer service. My friends and I were the youngest little adults in the winery.

The last glass was the Sparkling Cherry wine and by then we had become friends with the tipsy group of girls sitting next to us!! The vibe of the winery was so positive and mature, I mean customers were coming in to purchase big bottles of wine for the holidays.

This experience was so nice that I vowed I would go back there. I really recommend going wine tasting, try something new that you wouldn’t try on the regular. It was a great start to my birthday weekend!!





If You’re Waiting For a Waiter, Doesn’t That Make You The Waiter?

My first job was waitressing and what a horrible job it was. Don’t get me wrong, it had its perks like we got free sandwiches at lunch and you got free drinks and a coffee in the morning and SOME of the staff are nice but other than that, I thought that waitressing was a nightmare.

The job itself isn’t such a daunting task but if you’ve ever served people then you’ll probably understand what I’m on about when I say “if you are nice to the person next to you but not nice to the waitress then you are not a nice person.” This is 110% true. It seems that some people don’t realise that waitresses are in fact people too, we have feelings, we can hear you and we recognise a snobby comment when one is made. Serving people is just a waitresses/waiter’s job, it doesn’t mean that…

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Unclothed Thoughts

Public relations is often associated with advertising, marketing, and journalism. This is justified for all four professions have similarities, yet public relations contrasts greatly from each.

Public Relations vs. Advertising

Public RelationsAdvertising
GoalTo establish relationships with media and to give people the right information they needTo persuade people to buy a product
CostThe organization convinces the media to write their press release, news, or storyThe company pays for an advertisement space
Shelf LifeA press release about a new product or an upcoming event  can only be published onceAn advertisement can be used repeatedly  as long as the company has budget for it
Information ControlThe organization has no control over how the media presents their informationThe company has creative control on what their advertisements contain

Public Relations vs. Marketing

Public RelationsMarketing
GoalTo establish a mutual understanding or positive relationships with…

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