Box Braids

Remember my previous post, regarding protective hair styles? Well, I got my box braids done and they are gorgeous. My aunt did them for me (benefits of having a family member have a hair business) and she didn’t charge me the full price. Usually, box braids cost anywhere from $100-150. I used the X-Pression hair brand, color 2; Using 5 packs to completely do my entire head.

I really love them and I have some dark purple colors in my braids as well. I’m still getting used to this new look, creating new styles. They are also really long, coming down to my waist.




Winter Protective Hairstyle

Hello all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

First blog of 2015, whoop whoop!! I hope this new year will be nothing but joy and happiness to you and your household.

Jumping right into this topic, it is evident that winter is here in the Midwest and Lord knows natural hair needs to stay out of the very harsh weather.

Brushing, curling, flat ironing, blow drying, gelling and itchy scalps are just some of my least fun things to deal with! This is where the term “Protective Hairstyle” comes into play.

Protective Hairstyles are where your hair is fixed in a way that daily styling of the hair is very low. It also ensures tucking away your hair, especially protecting the ends.

Lots of people have their favorite protective styles that they do to protect their ends such as: wigs, crochets, locks, twisted up-dos, Havana, Senegalese or Marley braids etc., because there are numerous benefits for protective hairstyles and some of those reasons are;
1. Protects from harsh weathers that can cause damage to your hair
2. Low maintenance and,
3. Retains growth

I’ve aways had the Senegalese twists done during the month of January through early March and it has been a very nice hairstyle to maintain. I love that I can just get up and go, knowing that my natural hair underneath is safe.


The above Senegalese twists were done last year, and it costed me $120 to get done, which I think is a great investment. I used the X-Pression braiding hair, which can be found in your local Beauty Supply stores.

An important routine that some seem to neglect is to always wash, condition and oil your scalp, (I used castor oil, or argan oil) to keep the pores moist.

This month, I’m looking to do box braids, because I haven’t done that since high school. I want to try something new, so I hope my Solange inspired box braids will look amazing on me.


I’m excited, so stay tuned.