I was Contoured

Last night, my face was contoured by my friend Yabo, who is a beauty blogger/ make-up artist.

You can check her out on her beauty blog site, MannequinLounge.blogspot.com or follow her on Instagram @Ya_Bz.

She truly is amazing with enhancing your beauty.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with contour, It can be defined as contrasting the lights and shadows on your face or as highlighting the lights that hit your face with make-up, mostly the t-zone like the cheek bones, nose and your forehead.

She did a great job contouring my face, defining my angles.

The make-up didn’t feel heavy at all and was flawless! Slayed! My Face was definitely beat!
Again, If you want to learn how to apply simple make-up to very flawless professional looking make-up, you can check out her beauty blog at MannequinLounge.blogspot.com


Beauty Blog

Ladies are you looking for beauty blogs and YouTube videos to learn how to apply flawless makeup? Well, look no further because here’s a young lady who has the right tools and tutorials to get you started.

She’s a friend of mine and believe me, her hair and make-up is always “on fleek” like the kids these days are saying.

Visit her blog: http://mannequinlounge.blogspot.com to learn step-by-step. Also, follow her on Twitter @Ya_Bz to stay updated.