It’s Moeeee Day!!

Caught my birthday on the clock!! Thanking God for allowing me to witness another year.'s Moeeee Day!!





Confucius once said , “When you do something that you reaaaaally love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Ok maybe those aren’t the exact words but you get the point. The life of a Journalist doesn’t just consist of carrying a camera, tripod or a microphone, it’s way more than that. It’s about the passion of tracking down a story, sweating all over from trying to get the perfect shot, hunting down interviewees, finding a way into a building, the joy of writing scripts and editing [ooh fun]. Being a journalist also include meeting fun and important people, building connections for the future, and maybe being on TV for whatever reason, which puts a smile on my face. Looks like I’m going to keep tracking down a story, hunting down interviewees and building greater connections to be THE best journalist. When you have passion, you have drive.


PDA: Cute or Disgusting?


PDA could either be cute or yucky! Spotting a couple holding hands is way different than a couple tonguing down each other in a park in front of everyone. It’s sweet when a guy has his arms around his girlfriend’s waist or shoulder; but when the two are all over each other in public, now that’s disturbing. I personally keep PDA down to a minimum which is holding hands and maybe an occasional kiss on the cheek but THATS IT! Keep PDA rated G.


No Love & Struggling Hip-Hop


Mona Scott Young’s TV Show, “Love & Hip-Hop” is a sad depiction of how women put up with womanizers. Stevie J and Peter Gunz are severely poor examples of how men should treat women. For example, Pete has two different baby mothers and a secret wife on the side, but yet one of the “main lady’ in his life has so much evidence of Pete cheating. Why does it seem like Guys have to mess up badly, for them to get it together and realize what they had?
Also. I can’t stand the mentality of “baby before marriage.” Women need to understand that you really don’t have to put up with his nonsense. This generation need prayers!!!!

Below is the link of Peter Gunz’s interview at the Breakfast Club